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Hell Tommy

Hell Tommy

Short marker with the caliber 0.68" is a simple proven design and it allows the use of a wide range of additional parts. The magazine is spring powered with 9 rounds in, lateral side is transparent and the status of the ammunition can be controled. It is intended for hard, rubber and/or for pepper balls. The energy source is a 12 gram CO2 tank located under the barrel. The barrel is removable and there are two types: a 270 mm and a 50 mm. The marker may be added behind by a stock .

Fixed projectiles are intended to hit the striker on a longer distances while causing painful sensations that leads to the interruption of the scheduled trial. When using pepper projectiles a fine fog from hot powder shrouds the striker around and irritates the eyes and respiratory system - to the extent which will make the action difficult or impossible.

Applicable rounds: pepper, rubber, solid.


  • Marker Length: 250 mm
  • Long barrel: 270 mm
  • Short barrel: 50 mm
  • Effective range: up to 30 m
  • The standard muzzle velocity: 55 m / s @ 5 m
  • Standard magazine capacity: 9 rounds 0.68 " (fixed on)
  • Weight of the marker: 1000 gr
  • Holding capacity of 12g CO2 canister: 24 shots
  • Gas pressure system located under the barrel
  • Category: Semi – automatic