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Hell Pike

HELL PIKE is the unique and most advanced Law enforcement non-lethal equipment in the world. It’s effective self-defense equipment, especially ideal for law enforcement agency, all security guards for public, private organizations, schools, security companies, neighbor guarding units and factories.

According to our law regulations, this device isn’t classified as a firearm items. As the user can trigger the device and deploy the substance inside the cartridge such as edible pepper powder, probe, non-fading paint or other to the target areas to incapacitate the subjects and deter the gangsters/ burglars from threatening attack.

The device conforms to the medical science treatment; thus, it’s no risk to death and permanent injury to the subjects. Whenever any stimulus occurs, the cerebellum will receive the message no matter where it comes from. Once the ionic pulse wave contacts the subject, the message will be transmitted to cerebellum through subcutaneous nerve. The massive external stimulus on the cerebellum will result in its abrupt dormancy for purpose of body & brain protection; therefore, accompanying a temporal incapacitation.

On triggering the device, the holder can deter the gangsters from attack by making a bombing voice, even the user can’t shoot at the target subject. It can be treated as a stun-driven bodyguard to protect oneself.

All together the device is ideal for self-defense, including short-distance, medium-distance and long-distance, versatile function such as strong illumination, dizziness, aiming, safety warning, anti-robbery and electricity disruption to meet various mission. The compact size makes it easier to packet and place inside the car. It is the best bodyguard in your daily life.


  • Effective defence distance:
    • Probe cartridge (3.5 or 6 m): Within 3.5 or 6 meters Short-range self defense
    • Pepper powder cartridge: Approximately 3-5 meters Short-range self defense
    • Pepper bullet cartridge: Approximately 12-15 meter Mid-range self defense
    • Paint bullet cartridge: Approximately 12~15 meters Mid-range self defense
    • Stun cartidge: huge explosion sound up to 60 meter.The measured sound exceeds 130 db in 2 meter
  • Size: 150(L)*130(W)*39(H) mm (without Cartridge)
  • Weight: cca 450g (without Cartridge)
  • Housing: High impact carbon composite
  • Battery: Rechargeable Ni-MH, 7.2 VDC, 1.500 mA, running time: 60 minutes
  • Recharging time: cca 4.5 hours

Our Prices

In Stock$
HELL PIKEY519,-578.-
Cartridge probe 6 mY  28,-  31.-
Cartridge probe 3 mY  23,-  25.-
Cartridge peper powderY  23,-  25.-
Cartridge peper roundsY  23,-  25.-
Cartridge paintY  23,-  25.-
Cartridge toneY  28,-  31.-