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Defence pistol – light

Small semi- automatic true magazine fed marker. The patented pistol magazine houses air and projectiles providing the fastest reloads possible. An internal regulator and fixed volume air chamber provide low operating pressure and superior accuracy. Capacity of the hopper/ magazine is 8 rounds

Used pepper target rounds are generating a atomized fog arround the aggressor with a burny powder content which is irritating the eyes and air passages in such extent that it obstructs or disables additional activity. In the case of the use of other rounds it is expected that the direct hit of the aggressor evokes painful perception which leads to abortion of the intended action.

Technical data

  • Total length of the marker: 9.84 in/ 250 mm (L)
  • Barrel lenght: 6,25 in / 159 mm
  • Effective firing range: cca 50 ft/ 15 meter
  • Hopper/ magazine capacity: 8 rounds 0.68"
  • Weight: 2.20 lb/ 1000 gr
  • Weight with CO2 canister : 1.95 lb/ 1200 gr
  • Holding capacity of the 12 gr CO2 canister: 30 shots (20 with full projectile speed)
  • Category: Semi-automat


  • two magazines,
  • hopper for 30 pcs of standart rubber ammunition
  • hopper for 10 rounds of splitt Pepper ammunition


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