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Defence Carabine

The 0.68 caliber launcher is designed as three level device with a magazine above. Boasts compact design, specially engineered easy maintaince and use. The hopper is designed for 50 rounds, the back side is transparent, to see the quantity of the ammunition. Is assignedfor a hard or peper ammunition.

The marker is povered by by CO2 from a 225g canister which is mounted under the barrel. The electronics is powered by a 9v battery and allows to use the device in semiatomatic or automatic mode. The swich is on the backside of the handgrip. Marker can be amended by optical devices. It is possible to use wide variety of target rounds and is possible to hit the aggressor in a distance. In the case of the use of pepperballs there is produced a pepper smog in the target area.

As the launcher use pressed gas it is not considered as a firearm.

In the price is included a case inside with the marker itself, one magazine, barrel cleaning kit, small bag with oil, 3“ spanners, 2 pcs of small O-rings a 1 pc of great O-ring.

Technical data

  • Total length of the marker: 21,45 in/ 545 mm
  • Measure: 1.18 in/ 30 mm (W) x 11,61 in/ 295 mm (H) x 9,24 in/ 235 (L)
  • Barrel lenght: 12,40 in/ 315 mm
  • Effective firing range: cca 131 ft/ cca 40 meters
  • Initiall speed : 200-250 ft/s (outside adjustable)
  • Hopper/ Magazine capacity: 50 rounds 0,68“
  • Merker Weight: 5,95 lb/ cca 2700 gr (without the stock)
  • Holding capacity of the 255 gram CO2 canister: 600 shoots
  • The preasure gas system is located under the barrel
  • Category: Semi-automat
  • Ammunition: paint, pepper, etc

Our Prices

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